Chasing the perfect Couch

About Us


Couch Chasers is a lifestyle and review site, dedicated to those on the lookout for the perfect couch to couple with their homes.

Through the shared interest of four individuals, Couch Chasers was launched in 2018 in Toronto, Canada with a focus to review a variety of couches in our local furniture shops. We want to provide a central pitstop location for potential couch buyers to visit before deciding on their future couch. A couch can last anywhere between 7-15 years, so before buyers make up their minds, we want to be there to guide them to make the most informed decision for their homes.

We will provide our visitors information on each individual couch we review, as well as potential information to know about each retail shop we will be visiting. This information can include potential shipping cost along with local delivery and installation cost. This will be important as we understand that certain stores may become a limitation for certain buyers.

Our goal is to provide our readers with a weekly review of couches, with pictures along with a scale of what we think are the most important factors to consider for the couch. We hope to continuously inform our readers with new and interesting couches available in the market. And to go one step further, we aim to provide solutions of where these couches will fit best and give some ideas of what we think should surround the couch to make any room pop.

Meet our dedicated Couch Chasers


That's Us

Connie Tam

Founder & CEO

At her day job, Connie is a content marketer in the furniture industry.

And because that’s not enough, she reviews couches in her spare time. She is on the search for the best couch for sitting cross-legged (but never slouchy).


Jessica Tsui

Founder & CEO

At her 9-5, Jessica works in digital advertising. By night, she is a self-proclaimed lounging expert. 

Her couch sitting style is a slouchy, legs-up approach. Low couch backs need not apply.


Jerry I

Founder & CEO

Jerry is passionate about print. Besides knowing what CMYK stands for, he also knows a thing or two about couches.


Andrew Barany

Founder & CEO

Marketing Solutions Consultant by day and Couch Chaser by night, he pushes all the right buttons to make this site work. He likes big couches, and he cannot lie.