Chasing the perfect Couch

Our Scale

Each category on the Couch Chasers review guide is scaled from 1-10. We breakdown each couch review using these categories:

  • Seat Depth
  • Seat Cushiness
  • Bounce Back
  • Back Height
  • Sitting Style
  • Durability

When we were buying our own couches, these were the things that helped us decide which couch to buy. We found these categories to be the most useful in shaping our decision. We have broken down each of these categories below:

Seat Depth: Shallow to Deep

LOW: <49cm (<19″)
MEDIUM: 49cm – 59cm (19” – 23 1/4″) 
HIGH: >59cm (>23 2/3″)

We measure seat depth from shallow (under 49cm) to deep (over 59cm). Couches rated on the low end of this scale are suitable for individuals who like to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. However, if you sit cross-legged, take naps, or lounge around, then look on the higher end of the scale.

Seat Cushiness: Soft to Firm

We consider seat cushiness to be the softness or firmness of the seat cushions themselves. If you like to sink into the couch, look on the low end of this scale. However, if you prefer a more upright sitting posture, look on the higher end of this scale.

Bounce Back: Low to High

Bounce back refers to how much the seat cushions spring back when you sit down. Seat cushions with a higher bounce back are likely to last longer as they maintain their shape.

Back Height: Low to High

LOW: <39cm (<15 1/3″) 
MEDIUM: 39cm – 59cm (15 1/3″ – 23 1/4″)
HIGH: >59cm (>23 1/4″)

This category refers to the actual height of the couch back support. On the low end of the scale, you should expect a more slouchy sitting approach with a low back height. To get a higher back height, look on the high end of the scale, and these will provide you with more upright back support.

Sitting Style: Slouchy to Upright

The sitting style is a combination of seat depth, seat cushiness, and back height. This gives you a more simplified picture of how exactly you will be sitting on these couches.

Durability: Low to High

Durability refers to how long we foresee a couch lasting. We judge this based on a combination of fabrics and materials, frame and spring construction, and the overall quality.