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IKEA Friheten Couch Review

Couch Name: Friheten
Couch Style:
3-seater sectional
100% polyester (cloth-like feel) or faux-leather

Price: $799.00 – $899.00 CAD
Colour: Faux Leather: Black, Dark Orange / Cloth: Beige, Brown, Dark Grey
Dimensions: W 230 cm x D 151 cm x H 66 cm
(90.5” x 59.5” x 26”)

Are you looking to save space in your apartment? Are you looking for a couch that can double as a bed? If so, look no further than the Friheten from IKEA.

Available in both cloth-like material or faux-leather, along with a variety of colours, this couch is perfect for those who are looking for a solution to a tight space. The box-like design fits into corners without wasting square footage.

Friheten comes with a convenient storage space underneath the sectional, allowing you to put away blankets, pillows, throws, etc neatly after every use. The couch also has a pull-out portion that creates a bed. As a couch, it’s also great for lounging. This would be good for those living in bachelor pads, as you can use this as both a bed and a couch.

The comfort level of Friheten can vary from person-to-person. Since this couch is built to double as a bed, it needs to remain relatively sturdy. This means that the cushion itself does not allow you to sink in as much as other couches. Its backrest is fairly low, along with a lower back cushion, so it does mean that sitting upright can put some strain on your back if this couch is not flush against a wall. However, if it is against a wall, that should alleviate some of the problems.

In terms of durability, you may feel that the firmness will drop after about a year or so. The upright sitting nature of this couch might go away after a while, and you may find yourself sitting more slouchy. The back cushion might also start to lose its solidity. Through some testing, we noticed that the back cushion tends to slide downwards during use, so you may need to adjust it a couple of times to remain upright.

As a couch made for space saving, we think this couch will be right up your alley if you are in an apartment or a bachelor pad. At its cost, the value is definitely there as it does exactly what it was designed for.

If you are looking for a couch that can help you save space, either in an apartment, bachelor pad, or a house, then Friheten would be a great couch for you. The ability to pull-out and double as a bed allows this couch to be multifunctional and provides great versatility.

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