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IKEA Knislinge Couch Review

Couch Name: Knislinge
Store: IKEA
Couch Style: 3-seater
Material: Microfiber (like suede) or
polyester (like leather)
Price: $499 CAD
Colour: Dark grey ‘suede’ or black ‘leather’
Dimensions: W 205 cm x D 95 cm x H 89 cm
(80 3/4” x 37 3/8″ x 35″)
Extra Notes: Available as a loveseat

Remember sprawling across the cushy, family room couch as a kid while you hogged the TV remote? If you’re looking for nostalgic comfort, the IKEA Knislinge sofa is what you need.

What I really liked about Knislinge is its high back support. As a legs-crossed, upright kind of sitter, I like leaning back and having my neck feel supported. If you have back pain and prefer firmer couches though, you might sink in a little. The soft foam seats don’t give much bounce and are unlikely to stay in shape for more than a handful of years (especially if you’re guilty of Netflix marathons). But the seats really are comfortable. I wouldn’t mind taking a long nap in it, and the flat armrests make great pillows.

If you’re looking for a couch for light use, say for the duration of your lease or in the basement rec room, Knislinge is a great option. I would choose the polyester cover, which is essentially fake leather; it’s easy to clean, though it tends to crack as it ages.

The microfiber cover feels smooth as suede (pretty cozy for a nap), but it’s not removable for the wash, which reduces durability by a few points. The dark grey color might turn a bit dull after some wear and tear.

At this price point, let’s be honest about the durability – Knislinge probably isn’t going to endure decades like your childhood family couch. While its 10-year warranty should give you peace of mind, the reviews on the IKEA website tell it like it is; I’m siding with the reviewer who said “you get what you pay for.”
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