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Structube’s Rowan Leather Couch Review

Couch Name: Rowan
Store: Structube
Couch Style: 3-seater
Material: Leather

Price: $1,999 CAD 
Dimensions: W 223 cm x D 91 cm x H 84 cm (88” x 36″ x 33″)

Rowan Scale 1

Rowan Scale 2

The Rowan couch from Structube is a 100% leather 3-seater. It’s available in five different leather colors and features plush seating with loose side and back cushions and dark wood legs. 

I recently moved into a new condo and decided that it was time to upgrade my couch. While I was shopping, I had the following requirements – the new couch had to be leather (preferably in a caramel color), it had to be fairly deep so I can sit cross-legged and the back height had to be moderately high. The Rowan couch hit all those requirements and 8 months in, I am still very happy with my new(ish) couch. 

The Rowan is a great couch for lounging as the cushions are plush and as mentioned above, the seat is deep. As it’s made with 100% leather, it’s easy to clean and would fit in with many decor styles. I would describe my living room style as boho – think leather, wood, textures and rich colors. The Rowan couch fits in perfectly and is the exact caramel tan shade that I was searching for. 

The only downside to this couch is that the leather is soft and scratches easily, especially if you have pets like I do. However, the style of this couch is meant to look lived-in so it doesn’t bother me. I was worried about the seatback cushions getting saggy and losing their shape like I’ve seen of other leather couches with loose cushions. However, the higher back height and overall shape and fill of the Rowan cushions have ensured that they are still as full and plush as the day it arrived.

With the leather upholstery and stable wood frame, the Rowan seems very durable. It also comes with a 5 year warranty which helped seal the deal for me.

The Structube Rowan couch is a stylish, leather couch that would fit in most living room decor styles. The soft leather and plush cushions make it perfect for lounging.

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2 thoughts on “Structube’s Rowan Leather Couch Review”

  • Hi Jessica, now that you’ve had the sofa for ~2 years how would you say it’s held up? Any sagging or compression of the pillows? Is the leather ageing well?

    • Hi there! I’ve actually had this couch over 3 years now and it still looks great! The cushions haven’t sagged or compressed at all. The leather is also ageing well considering I haven’t treated it at all (which I should probably get to!). I recommend this couch 100%! We’ll try to get some updated pictures of my couch on this post soon.

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