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The Brick’s Tyra Genuine Leather Loveseat Review

This style is now discontinued. See similar couches at the bottom of this review.

Couch Name: Tyra
Store: The Brick
Couch Style: Loveseat
Material: Leather and faux leather 

Price: $1479.97 CAD 
Dimensions: W 158.8 cm x D 102.9 cm x H 94 cm (62 1/2” x 40 1/2″ x 37″)
Extra Notes: Comes in armchair and 3 seater

The Tyra couch from The Brick is a leather/faux leather couch that comes in various sizes: armchair, loveseat and 3 seater sofa. This set is available in beige, grey and black and features diamond stitching on the sides and rear, as well as a single button tuft on each seat cushion. The Tyra collection is a classic and modern set that lends to an upscale living room style.

A unique feature of this couch is the flip down headrest, though I can’t think of many occasions where the headrest would be flipped down instead of up. The couch is much more comfortable with the higher headrests as they provide good back and neck support.

When testing this couch, I found that the seat back was fairly hard, especially upon first sit. The seat cushions are firm with low bounce, but are fairly comfortable. This is not a couch you can fall into and the nap-ability factor is low, especially as the armrests are very firm. It is, however, a great couch if you’re an upright sitter!

I foresee the Tyra couch lasting for a long time. The seat cushions and backrest are made of genuine leather and would be easy to clean with a quick wipe down. The sides and rear are faux leather and feel much different from the genuine leather, but as these areas aren’t high traffic, I believe this fabric should hold up.

The Tyra couch is a classic leather couch that’s durable and would fit into most living rooms easily. It’s a great couch for an upright sitter with high headrest and firm cushions.

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